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At DigiFab, we specialize in offering 3D printing services tailored to create practical engineering components. We offer extensive customization options, spanning from budget-friendly choices for rapid prototyping to high-quality engineering-grade materials.
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Instant Price Quotation

Our user-friendly online quoting tool enables you to discover our various options and instantly calculate the cost of production.
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Ultra-low-cost option

Our ultra-low-cost option is ideal for rapid prototyping for school and university projects. Print as many designs as needed!
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Next-day shipping option

We also offer high-priority service which guarantees 24-hour production time to meet any deadline you may have!
Our technology

3D Printing service


FDM - Thermoplastic

Unparalleled Affordability and Excellent Mechanical Properties for High-Volume Projects

MSLA - Resin

Elevate Your Designs with Perfect Detail and Superior Surface Quality

3 Steps to order

1. Upload Your 3D Model
  • Upload your 3D model on the order page
  • Only .stl file is accepted
2. Customize & Submit
  • Select printing materials and order priority, the price will be displayed accordingly
  • Submit your order
*We can only access your file after it is submitted
3. Payment
  • Pay by transferring to our SCB bank account 420-153110-9 (Digitech Fabrication Co., Ltd.)
  • Send your order ID and payment slip to our Line official account (Line ID: @digifab)
  • Tell us your delivery address
*For batch production and special order please contact us through our official Line
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Our works

/our_work_1.jpgSLA - Standard Resin (Grey)
/our_work_2.jpgSLA - Standard Resin (Grey)
/our_work_3.jpgSLA - Standard Resin (Black)
/our_work_4.jpgSLA - Standard Resin (Black)
/our_work_5.jpgFDM - PETG (Black)
/our_work_6.jpgFDM - PETG (White)
/our_work_7.jpgFDM - PC (Clear)
/our_work_8.jpgFDM - PETG (Black)